Lake Chelan Downlake Beach

Downlake Beach at Wapato Point – Lake Chelan WA
Camera ID: 0190 Altitude: 1120 ft

Lake Chelan Washington, In Town

Pristine view uplake to the Northwest from Campbell's Resort
Camera ID: 0037 Altitude: 1100 Latitude: 47.840440 Longitude: -120.020056
Source: Downlake View

Hilltop view of Lake Chelan, looking North East
Camera ID: 0051 Altitude: 1800 Latitude: 47.830559 Longitude: -120.060310
Source: Uplake View

Camera ID: 0052 Altitude: 1800 Latitude: 47.830559 Longitude: -120.060310

Mission Ridge Ski Resort

Camera ID: 0004 Altitude: 4,570
Description: High above Wenatchee Washington is dry snow, clear skies and a brand new quad chair. This is a view looking back toward Wenatchee.