Web Cams

Photos are a great way to see what a place looks like. Video are even better because you see the scene up close as it changes from time to time.

Bear Mountain – Lake Chelan

WEB CAM - Wapato Point Resort, view from Bear Mountain – Lake Chelan
Camera ID: 1425 Altitude: 1120 ft
Source: wapatopoint.com

Chelan Glacier Vineyards Webcam

Situated on the South Shore of Lake Chelan
Camera ID: 0325 Latitude: 47.916425 Longitude: -120.175963
Source: ChelanGlacier.com

Echo Valley Base Webcam

Base Cam Echo Valley Ski Area
Camera ID: 1136
Source: skiechovalley.com

Echo Valley Poma Webcam

Poma Cam Echo Valley Ski Area
Camera ID: 1137
Source: skiechovalley.com

Lake Chelan Yacht Club Cam

Veiw of Lake Chelan Yacht Club
Camera ID: 0327 Altitude: 1120 ft Latitude: 47.920710 Longitude: -120.209760
Source: lakechelancams.com

Odabashian Bridge

Looking North on 97/97A at Odabashian Bridge
Camera ID: 1424 Altitude: 1120 ft
Source: LakeChelan.com

Ponderosa Wapato Homes

Ponderosa Wapato Homes
Camera ID: 1435 Altitude: 1,870 Latitude: 47.733814 Longitude: -120.661140
Description: The ideal destination for families seeking a place to call their home away from home or their full-time home.

Wapato Point has been a treasured escape for decades. It’s a place where people from all walks of life can immediately unplug, kick off their shoes, grab a drink, and get on “Lake Time.”

Stehekin: Webcam

Stehekin Washington Webcam
Camera ID: 1099
Source: See.Cam

Wapato Point View from the Club House

View from the Club House - Wapato Point - Lake Chelan WA
Camera ID: 0189
Source: WapatoPoint.com

WSDOT Waterville

14 miles south of Chelan, looking SW
Camera ID: 0329 Altitude: 2620 ft
Source: WSDOT.gov

Canterbury Inn Beach Cam

Canterbury Inn Ocean Shores
Camera ID: 1364
Source: Canterburyinn.com

These cameras are outside of the area, but may be of interest.

Downtown, Leavenworth, Washington State

View of Downtown Leavenworth,Washington State
Camera ID: 2513 Altitude: 840 Latitude: 47.596233 Longitude: -120.661476
Description: Leavenworth's downtown
Source: leavenworth.org

Kris Kringle Leavenworth

View of Kris Kringle Leavenworth,Washington State
Camera ID: 2511 Altitude: 352.901 Latitude: 47,354533 Longitude: 120,393969
Source: leavenworth.org

Wenatchee River Bridge

Camera ID: 0275 Latitude: 47.463695 Longitude: -120.338452
Source: WSDOT.com

Blewett Pass

Veiw of Blewett Pass
Camera ID: 0011
Description: The main path between Cle Elum and Leavenworth - Wenatchee areas. 4,000 feet. Lovely in summer and snowy in winter.
Source: WSDOT.WA.gov

Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodge Upper Skyline

Upper Skyline Cam Stevens Pass Ski Area Lodge
Camera ID: 0013
Description: Higher in elevation means more snow in winter, spectacular drive in summer.
Source: StevensPass.com

Stevens Pass Ski Gemini Cam

Gemini Cam Stevens Pass Ski
Camera ID: 0341 Latitude: 47.745005 Longitude: -121.089184
Source: StevensPass.com

Grand Targhee Resort Plaza

Grand Targhee Resort Plaza View
Camera ID: 0188 Latitude: 43.787148 Longitude: -110.959317
Source: GrandTarghee.com

Grand Targhee Resort Dreamcatcher

Veiw of Grand Targhee Resort Dreamcatcher Cam
Camera ID: 0177 Latitude: 43.787148 Longitude: -110.959317
Source: GrandTarghee.com
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