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Our family looks forward to Wapato Point every year


We have enjoyed our summer vacation at Wapato Point for three years and each year it's better than the last. Our family looks forward to this very special time all year long!

The Totem House is perfect for us. Along with our tree children (all grown up now!) and their young families, we spend the week as one big happy family in this beautiful and comfortable setting. It's exactly the right size and layout for everyone to have private time if they choose and the living area easily accommodates all of us for our meals, playing, TV and movies, and just plain old hanging out. It's very easy to settle in and think of it as our "home away from home!" All we bring is our clothes and personal items. The kids love playing with the toys and games provided an there is even a library of books and movies for the grownups.

There is so much to do at Wapato Point - each morning after a nice breakfast we spent out days biking swimming, going for walks, having picnics on the beach, reading and taking leisurely naps! This year we spent time on the mini-gold course and took the little ones out in the paddle boats and kayaks provided! We also rented jet skis one day and a boat for two days - we loved spending time exploring Lake Chelan and its gorgeous shores, wake boarding swimming and skiing! The people at the rental place were unbelievably friendly and helpful it's very apparent they enjoy what they do.

This year we are so looking forward to spending even more time in our Totem House "home away from home" in October! We plan to have our own early Thanksgiving celebration with all the trimmings. We look forward to family time by the fireplace and swimming in the big indoor pool!

Thank you Sunspots, Wapato Point and Totem House for making available such a wonderful family vacation! From making the reservation, checking in, checking out - it's all easy, efficient, enjoyable. – Ed and Monda